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Jason Aaron Bragg

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Jason Aaron Bragg is the Chief Financial Officer and Chief Compliance Officer of an alternative asset manager based in Chicago.  

Jason Aaron Bragg received his Bachelor of Accountancy from New Mexico State University back in 1999. After graduating with an impressive 4.0 accounting GPA, Jason focused on a career in public accounting by accepting a job at Arthur Andersen.  His main professional interest at the time was banking and the banking system. After Arthur Andersen, Jason accepted a position with Ernst & Young, LLP, where he was promoted to manager in just 3 years. As Jason learned more about banking, through his work at Arthur Andersen, he began to become more interested in the stock market.  This interest soon expanded into various alternative assets. While Bragg was with Ernst & Young, he had the opportunity to work alongside many small alternative asset managers and broker dealers. Ultimately, this partnership allowed Jason to fully understand the intricacies of the operational aspects of finance, which consequently sparked his next professional endeavor.

From Ernst & Young, Jason worked at Citadel Investment Group, L.L.C.. While at Citadel Investment Group, a global leader in the hedge funds/alternative assets management industry with capital in excess of $ 26 billion, Jason reported directly to the CFO. He worked extensively with both the CFO and General Counsel. During his time there, Jason Bragg worked in numerous capacities, gaining experience within all areas of the firm including the front office, operations, information technology, and accounting.

After leaving Citadel Investment Group, L.L.C. in 2004, Jason Bragg accepted a position as Chief Financial Officer at Bridge Finance Group, L.L.C.. As CFO, Jason responsibilities revolved around effectively leveraging the firm’s capital along with establishing the proper vehicles for their  investments. In his more than 3 years at Bridge Finance Group, Jason spearheaded numerous accomplishments within the firm, of which have included sourcing and structuring of acquisition financing for Bridge’s acquisition of Oak Street Funding and the creation of Bridge Business Bancorp (a non-bank SBA lender).

Today, Jason Aaron Bragg continues his work in the finance industry as the CFO of an alternative asset manager. In his current role, Jason continues to create positive economic impact and long-term value for investors, companies and communities. Jason applies his unparalleled experience and capabilities to deliver effective solutions. As a leader, Jason focuses on creating an atmosphere that encourages independent thinking and inclusion.

For Jason Aaron Bragg, the most rewarding aspect of his career has been the challenge of working with very intelligent people. Working alongside people who are dynamic thinkers has challenged him, which Jason has come to deeply appreciate. Furthermore, being able to see how his firm helps various pensions/endowments and foundations meet their investment return goals has been equally fulfilling.

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